Always on Trend, Legitimately Unique & Driven by Personal Passion

"Building a business within my love of jewelry making is truly rewarding but never the purpose of why I do what I do. Designing and making jewelry is my passion, my therapy, my lifestyle."

- Emily Davidson, BB designer & owner

Design Signatures

Playful Asymmetry 

Eclectic, Unexpected Materials 

Bold, Unique Color Stories

Intricate Patterning

Whimsical Details

The Girl Behind the Beads

I am proud (even a little surprised at times) to call myself the owner, operator and designer of Boarderline Bohemian. This is a true small business venture that I am wildly passionate about. 

I have intentionally misspelled BoArderline as my ode (in my own whimsical kind of way) to my true belief in the beauty of imperfection. I show this in my work through my prominent use of asymmetry and repurposing of unexpected materials.

My love of art, desperate need for a creative outlet and a job I could tolerate, has led me here, to Borderline Bohemian and spending my days dreaming about gemstones and striving to make legitimately unique jewelry for fashion forward women at attainable price points. Thank you for supporting me!

Brand Values

In a world consumed by convenience and and waste, I make efforts to avoid unnecessary overuse of plastic and paper products whenever possible. I hand stamp reusable linen bags for packaging and gift wrapping and I reuse whatever I receive from my supplies orders for plastic jewelry bags and bubble wrap instead of ever buying new ones.

I am committed to maintaining my one-of-a-kind, never duplicated model of production in order to add value to the pieces my customers purchase, as well as maintaining my original purpose of jewelry making which is artistic self-satisfaction and never simply a business plan.

I feel personally compelled to support other domestic, small businesses like my own and do so by sourcing 100% of my materials strictly from suppliers that meet this criteria.