A day in the life...

Can I just say.... I can't believe I'm here! I finally have that "dream job" that people talk about and, honestly, I never really believed in. I started this journey as an overly exasperated retail worker and feeling like I might never find my place in this adult world I seem to have stumbled into somehow. After a move to LA and then Santa Fe(both of which were short lived) I found myself back in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas searching for a rewarding purpose in life. I eventually concluded to go back to my very first artistic roots, jewelry making. I quickly upgraded from strictly stretch bracelets made with beads from craft stores to necklaces made with beads from a jewelry supplies store I impulsively discovered in the Chinatown of Dallas one day.

I was feeling good! I was getting better! Eventually, actual real-live people started wanting to give me cash, money for the stuff I was making! Who would have thought?! Not me, thats for sure. I decided to run with it anyway. So here I am today, more thankful than you can imagine and full of rewarding, happy feelings, spending many of my days in my "jewelry room" (aka the guest room) here in my little house with my not so little pug, Cookie, making jewelry and building my dream business. Thank you for being a part of my dream.


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